Takefusa Kubo not in fifa 19 player database?

I know when Kubo got his move to Madrid he got a I'm game buff and potential boost. I started a new career with real madrid and he's not it sqaud hub as I know he's been loaned out to mallorca. Tried searching him in transafer tab and he's just not in the game at all? Why is this ? Has anyone else noticed this or had the same problem?


  • DavidTrezeguet
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    I can confirm that the player you are asking for is present in the FIFA 19 database.
    Some details about the player, so you can find it and interact via career mode or squads:

    Have fun!

  • When searching for him in my game (career mode in Germany) he is not in the database either, weird as i buy him almost every time i play.
  • JJ94
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    Ich habe das selbe Problem! Er ist nicht im Standard Kader oder sonst wo!
  • ale1985bg
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    Is there the chance that he's been taken away via a live update?
    It seems strange to me, but by the looks of it it's the only thing I can think at.
  • JJ94
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    But how can we get an older live update? :s
  • JJ94
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    I asked ea for help and they said that there maybe is no Licence for him in Germany :'(
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