Web app market access

Well i have played Fifa 19 and that was my first fifa .. played 700 and the game is kinda boring now and i still did not have the market unlocked at fifa 19 web app .. now i want to preorder fifa 20 and ea access tool but i’m afraid that i might have the market locked at the web app too and not be able to trade players

Tried to contact the support team about that they do not have an information to confirm that i will have it unlocked so they suggested i should try posting at the forums maybe game developers notice such issues

Wish i have support from someone as i’m not planning to waste my money on a game that doesn’t grant me a fair value for money

Also i don’t think ppl should leave their work/life and play 10,000 games to have an access to such tool the game made to help players managing their fut teams easier


  • Kouli06
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    I’m sorry what? 😂
    Your trolling right?
  • IAIK7
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    Another guy on here had the same problem as you. Personally if it were me, I wouldn't go near FIFA 20. The fact that they've sent you here (where nobody can actually help you in your situation), should tell how little they think of you.
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