Pack for 20?

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What kind of reward they said they were gonna give us? It stated when i opened the web app. I was gonna receive a reward for 20 in weeklies but can't find what.

1; if you're not gonna buy it, you don't have to say it again.
2; if you're planning on saying the game's dead, cute for you.



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    Kits and stadium
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    Janoe1 wrote: »
    Each Friday from Aug 23 to Sep 12 you will get a pack containing a Prime Icon Moments player along with the best players from Team of the Year and Team of the Season, as 10 match loan items. Coinciding with the pack, each Friday will also feature a weekly objective that requires the use of the players from that week’s pack. Completing each week’s objective will make you eligible for rewards in FUT 20*, in addition to the pack reward you’ll get in FUT 19. The FUT 20 rewards consist of exclusive vanity items, including a new tifo, a new stadium theme and a collection of the most popular custom kits from FUT 19.

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    Kits and stadium

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    Thanks lads.
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    Kits and stadium

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    Kits and stadium

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