My FIFA 20 Beta Feedback

These are all the beta notes that I have taken across the duration of the beta. I started with the Career Mode portion, but also played Kick-Off modes and a little bit of Ultimate Team. Apologies in advance if some of the issues I found were too picky, my goal with this was to find glitches, bugs, or anything that seemed to be out of place and try to help fix the game to make it better. The following is a list of notes that I took throughout the beta, with some of my thoughts on the gameplay or certain features mixed in as well. Some of these may have already been fixed or plan on being fixed before the release date, so apologies for that as well.

Career Mode Notes

-Manager Customization. A lot of the time, when I went to make a manager, the clothes would not load in properly. They would be glitched into either the body or into other articles of clothing when the would intersect over one another, like a suit jacket glitching into an undershirt. a lot of clothing combinations would result in the clothes clipping in with one another, and this seemed to happen with a lot of the clothes too. For example, a tie not being unequipped when you switched to something that doesn't support wearing a tie. I found this to be most prevalent when you put on a closed jacket with a tie on beforehand. I found that when you put on socks with most shoes, that the socks just clipped through the shoes somehow, leaving for a half-shoe half-sock look for the footwear. As for the shoes, sometimes they didn't seemed to be modelled well with either the pants or the aforementioned socks. Most often with the boots, they clipped into most of the pants options and the socks as well. The flats shoes also had an issue with the feet just disappearing when you put them on, though I did notice that after an update to the beta this problem seemed to be fixed. I really struggled to find any short hair options for my manager. I was looking for an undercut hairstyle and I could only find hats and very long hair styles. I'm not sure why this was the case but I searched for a good 20 minutes trying every option to see how to fix it to no avail. The hairstyles were also sorted by the skin colors for choosing your skin color, so it made searching for it more difficult.

-Career Mode (Non-Gameplay Portion). To start, I saw that a lot of teams seem to have some odd board expectations when picking a team. I expected these to emulate real teams in a way, but Bournemouth had 4 lows and a very low for the expectations, which makes it look like their board has completely given up on the club. When I was selecting which squad data to use, I found that it was only coded text instead (*CSH_SQUADS_TITLE). And when I first loaded into career mode on several occasions the first news tile was just a grey slate reading 'UNDEFINED'. While I was adjusting my lineup for a match I found that moving players with smiles from the morale seemed to copy the smiles onto the players I was swapping with. Like a very happy player would make a neutral player displayed as very happy when he wasn't before. Next are a couple opinions regarding buying and selling players in the manager mode. I would like to see a fix for players instantly retiring at the start of a career due to their age. It makes it impossible to sign players like Ibrahimović and Buffon simply because the game says they're too old. I get that they have to retire but making a mandatory year wait before they can retire would be a nice add. Also, I found that some of the values given to players could use a slight rework. For example, when I was searching for Dybala I found that his value was $99.5 million with the club wanting between $133-$199 million in negotiations. Given that means he would be going for a near world record fee and that rumors in the real world suggested that clubs value him a bit lower (Spurs attempting to buy him for less than $80 million this summer). I just feel that it's a bit extortionate on certain clubs for demanding a slightly unrealistic amount for their high rated players.

-Career Mode gameplay, gameplay in general, and issues during gameplay. Note that most of the gameplay was done with one team being human controlled and in one career mode save, West Ham United. These are just some of the issues I encountered while playing through games. Goalkeepers sometimes would not react quick enough to pick up shots that were straight at them after they deflect them down towards the ground. After a goal kick, players were getting caught running in place momentarily after contesting for a header, especially if they did not win the header. A lot of the time, jerseys appeared to be glitching into the players when they first initially loaded in, mainly during the match cutscenes. Very similar to the clothing issues when customizing a manager. The stadium audio and commentator audio would have very glitchy static sounds after leaving and returning to the game from the Xbox menus. The FIFA Trainer randomly turned on occasionally after half time of matches despite being turned off initially. When going after a through ball, the player’s head sometimes tries to look back at the player who passed them the ball, making them look awkward when they are running forward. In Mystery Ball, the speed and dribbling boosts remained active until the goal kick for the opposition was performed. When using West Ham’s default 4-5-1 formation offered to me in the beta, I found that Yarmolenko in the RM position would go cover for Pablo Fornals in the RCAM position when Fornals would go forward. After doing so Yarmolenko would continue to stay in the RCAM position with Fornals in the RM position until the ball went out of play, despite losing and regaining possession and Fornals returning back to him after his run. During the Premier League match introductions, while the players and refs were shaking hands I noticed that the players that wore short sleeves all had grass stains on their right bicep. Weirdly enough, the refs also had this grass stain, and this seemed to happen more often than not. When some matches were paused, I noticed that sometimes in the pause menu displayed the referees name as just “Referee”. When I tried to command a player to take a first touch shot or header from a cross into the box, they would occasionally opt for a touch despite my input, costing me shots on target and most likely some goals too. When changing game plans midgame in the squad selection screen, the formation and tactics were not displaying correctly for the 4 defensive and attacking options. For example, my formation of 4-1-4-1 appears as a 4-3-3 Holding on the drop down menu. It is still a 4-1-4-1 when I am adjusting the players after selecting one of the tabs in the menu. In rare instances, I found that while attempting to save a shot on target, the goalkeeper would have the ball clip through part of his glove mid-save, leading to the defending team conceding a goal because of it. I found a lot of instances in which the ball was clipping through parts of the feet of the players, both offensively and defensively. When a player on offense was dribbling the ball and was under pressure from the opponent it seemed that the ball just absorbed half of their foot to represent staying in possession in close quarters. The legs and feet also appear to be really weird, since I have encountered several issues of seeing the left foot come across and through the right foot to hit the ball. During the Premier League match introduction, while showing the starting lineups animation, all the players were glitched out to a bald, white player with a generic face. Their jersey was also glitched out severely into jagged shapes on their body. The player icon of their head also glitched out to be a screenshot of the generic model’s legs. However, this was only in the presentation as the models on the pitch were completely normal throughout the rest of the match.

-Miscellaneous notes. I found that in the celebrations menu, the B button celebration had 3 options that did not seem right: Random Celebration, *TXT_Controls_FUTCelebration1, and *TXT_Controls_FUTCelebration2. When I loaded into a match on one occurrence, the mini goals were glitching severely in the Advanced Dribbling Skill Challenge. During the post match interview, one of the questions I was prompted wasn’t shown correctly and instead gave me a long code that appeared to try and give me a question, with all the responses and the answer being in code form as well. Using the replay system to rewatch a goal in slow motion proved to be rather glitchy. Rewinding a segment to rewatch would cause the players to glitch out of places for a moment, and would also glitch out the jerseys similar to that of the manager’s clothing that I mentioned above. Finally, I found that some managers in the Premier League were lacking game faces (Manuel Pellegrini, Dean Smith, Graham Potter, Chris Wilder, Frank Lampard, Daniel Farke, Brendan Rodgers, Steve Bruce, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer).

-Final Thoughts and Opinion on Gameplay as a whole. To me, the gameplay feels smooth and realistic, I was very happy overall with the new mechanics and how well they mix with the current gameplay and mechanics. Goalkeepers seem to have more effort to make saves, defending feels more powerful and I feel in more control over how to neutralize attacks more efficiently. Many of the first and second touches look smooth and players make an effort to try to keep the ball in possession. The game no longer feels like every game will result in a 8-7 goal fest like FIFA 19 did. Attacking and shots on goal seem a bit more challenging, but I think that's what was needed to help fix the lack of defensive help. The pace seems a mix of older FIFAs and FIFA 19 (Not dominating, but not irrelevant either) and I can see players with high physicality or high agility and good skill moves being the go-to players over players of pure pace. The pace leaves me feeling like I can use slower players without being punished by the quickest players in the game. Overall, I am very pleased with how the gameplay feels overall for kickoff and career mode, and if it stays in the current state with fixes to bugs and glitches, I can see this being the most enjoyable FIFA that we've had for the last few years.


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