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    if you are so much worse on assisted fifa that causes no skill gap just imagine how much a skill gap would make you cry. ea knows you suck which is why they dont change it. it s not because of the good players. when your record goes 50 1200 and you wont even know what to blame anymore, you will just quit the franchise. when your record is 600 600 because the game lets you win against 600 people, you will just cry about those 50 games you lost against worse players and keep on playing. the assisted gameplay is not for tekkz, it s for you and you better pray they wont change it.
    **** mechanics like random back to goal first time shots, some op skill moves, volleys and headers have nothing to do with skill indeed, but that doesnt mean you have to use them to win. i played to a max of elite1 this year without volleys, crossing or abusing skill moves while manually defending. i indeed used stupid first time shots but pretty much only if my opponent forces me too by playing 11 men in the box which doesnt allow me to do anything else except for tornado crosses which i simply wont ever do. if i can do it while being such a **** player like you people claim, i am sure every trash crying should be able to. most of you kids never kicked a ball. hell, some are probably obese from sitting on their arse playing video games and eating trash food all day. most of you play fifa on tuesday nights and look up flashscores to see what players to invest on for the next totw, but yet you know football so well just because it fits your agenda

    It goes hand in hand with the massive delay caused by servers. If there was no such delay you could use semi assisted or unassisted passes and there wouldn't be much of an issue to point all the time to the exact direction of the pass. But as long as servers exist on this game between you and your opponent massive delay will still be on it, and EA will need to keep it. I think it's more due to that that EA needs to keep on making passes fully assisted.
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