Ut19 from A to Z. Get involved ;)



  • iRusty_yo
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    O - Overpowered NIF teams
  • kcichris
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    c is for connection because connection in Fifa has never been worse than in Fifa19
  • DFC1983
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    B-Balls-ups with SBCs.
    C-Content, no more.
    D-Dead game in August.
    E-Endless Kagawas.
    F-Finesse back to goal worldies.
    G-(GG) Good game, when both players help each other with weekly objectives.
    H-Headscans are so accurate,*note sarcasm.
    I-Icon Moments. (Seriously)
    J-Just spam crosses in to back post all game.
    K-Kinder Eggs.
    L-Last min goals guaranteed (usually after)
    M-Mystery Ball Beta.
    N-Now what do we do until FUT 20?
    O-Over-hit Goalie kicks send strikers clean through on goal.
    P-Ping Pong.
    Q-Quit games when not at "Home".
    R-Replays. Replays. Replayyyyyyyyyyyyssssss.
    S-Sssssshhhhh celebrations.
    T-Timed Finishing such a wonderful addition. not.
    U-Ultimate Team, of course, nothing else on FIFA matters.
    V-Versus 12 men thanks to 'Dynamics'.
    W-Weekend League extension overdue.
    X-X-Factor. When a bronze keeper playing outfield hits a volley from 20 yards on World Class to screw you in Squad Battles, he has 'the x-factor'.
    Y-Youtubers with better pack odds.
    Z-zzzzzzzzzz. Losing sleep because of need to finish objectives.
  • Vix14
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    O - OP cards
  • WFCBagnall
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  • AlbinoXI
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    IAIK7 wrote: »
    C - CR7 (nearly in every team I face) / Crafting

    Don't know if YouTubers can be included but, I've heard a lot of:

    H - How's it ganin lads, Marshall here - Marshall89HD

    I like Marshall seems like a genuinely nice bloke, nick is ironically nicking a living knob
  • Mrmad1980
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    V violent video game
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