Ut19 from A to Z. Get involved ;)

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A: Alisson. ( Anyone here that didnt
pack his tots?)
B: Backpost headers
C: constant (****) promos
D : Dropback, Dynamic difficulty.
E: El tornado
F: first time finess shots
G: GK movement
H: home playing only
I: input delay
J: Jokes ( kit sbc, 11gk weekly obj....)
K: kickoff goals
L: La croqueta
M: Marshall89hd rewies, Meta
N: "not buying this game next year" 🤣
O: offtime goal (it should be on E extra, but i had to put it somewhere ;) )
P: PIMgate
Q: Quiting UT (rage discard clubs)
R: rebound goals
S:surprise mechanics and SBC fails 😂
T:Timed finishing
U: Undeserved wins/losses (mainly a
forumm feature, but comes up daily)
V: VV Dijk
W: weekend league adiction
X: is the amount of time we say "what a **** game this his" per match
Y: yelling at the tv
Z: Zlatan (fb)
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