Can EA re-scan some kind of player face?

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As I requested, Bellerín has a great update face and hair, but that’s not enough.

I hope Lucas Moura(tottenham), maitland niles(arsenal), rakitic(barcelona), van dijk will have a great face and hair update


  • Rete
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    No, no, no!! The priority needs to be to broaden the number of players without generic faces. To date Serie A has 17 face upgrades on FIFA 20, with many of them being Juventus updates. You have experiences international and Champions League players with EA potato heads, this needs to be the priority, not tweaking Lucas Moura’s receding hairline.
  • Ok, how about frenkie de jong? Just a generic face, he did a great job at Ajax and deserve a scan face! If EA didn’t have licenses for Barcelona why they can’t take a face scan last year at Ajax?
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