End of a era?



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    Been playing fifa forever... even when pes was better. But the past few years and how this year went... enough is enough. Trying pes 19 and wow... and how easier is to obtain players I want to play with. For who is thinking about give EA a wake up call, after they milk all they could this year...


    If you've been playing fifa even when it was worse then you were part of the problem ( was it licensing, that enticed you). Not sure about now, but i doubt you will stick with pes if you couldn't even buy it when it was better. Its most certainly been worse on the latest gen

    It was for license. Didn’t like to play with players that had weird names. And fifa was not about money back them. You buy the game and you got all the content. I have a try... pes looks beautiful, and it’s never to late to change the problem. I know only me leaving EA won’t be nothing. But eventually... more and more will leave. Wish the best on all staying and hopefully fifa stops been so much about money.

    Why does player names have any relevance when the gameplay is the main thing. Thats why we are where we are now

    Been playing from 95. Back them was important to me. It was more about playing vs friends. I really didn’t get to online playing until many years later. I was all about career mode and playing vs friends here and there.

    Ah okay fair enough. Still the ssme experience to me. Didnt care that i played with man red and van ristlenooy as long as the gameplay came correct
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    Even though I have the demo of PES, I think its a lot slower, I mean when do players ever play slow? I know the frantic pace of FIFA is a little too much, I don't want to play that slow
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    It’s starting to finally shift. Fifa will outsell PES by loads this year, but PES will cut into the gap. More fifa players are heading to PES than they have since the mid 2000’s

    Competition is good. I doubt I buy either though
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    I download the PES demo to try it out. I did appreciate the slow pace. It allows players to build from the back and make things feel a lot more realistic. However, passing and dribbling need to be a bit more consistent. Great gameplay but it still feels rigid.
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