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Anyone played Volta?

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How is it?

I see that alot of youtubers have posted Fifa 20 videos today and a few Volta videos, but no one that I've seen have given any good information on it. From my view only from watching these videos, it looks pretty boring.

1. Are there only a few skill moves? From the youtubers it looks to be max 10 skill moves, but this might just be that the players doesn't understand how to do them all.

2. Is the gameplay slow or fast? For me it looked a lot slower and more sluggish than Fifa Street 1,2 and 3.

3. Are there any other mode than just 1v1 offline or online where you get points to customize your players? Like Fifa Street where you could buy players or beat them in a match to win them. Or any other modes?

Can you only play matches that are 3 minutes? What made Fifa Street so cool was the different matches. Like goals only with gamebreaker OR First to 3 - 5 or 10 goals OR goals only from panna/nutmeg, etc...


  • ManzGOTIT
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    I personally thought it was fun, there's a lot of variety of modes... I only played the kick off
    Could've played the full mode but decided to wait on the full version

    If you played 2012's Version of FIFA Street, it is almost the same as that but i think the dribbling and skills are different, limited in some ways but still fun
  • Joestoe
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    What about gamebreakers? Will they be back?!
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