Fifa 20 is better just few things wrong imo

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FIFA 20 is alot more less abuse than 19 and I find football does work more than 19.

19 in Div 1 on Rivals I had alot of goals conceded from crossing and la crocodiles to tornadoes, on 20 I seem to not be getting done by 19 tricks or spam from most goals .

Ball responsiveness is a issue and might be delay as some games was silky and smooth but even seal out and tackles with good positions had bounce ping pong mess and lead to goals .

Lb being face up is a issue as it trigger run button and sometimes I'm seeing centre backs bomb up while doing it making me open for counters.

Timed finishing I see hardly any point of people using so might just aswell be removed .

Goalkeeps are just random and rush from crossing to punch and save insane 1v1 or get mugged in easy shot area and give corners and pens alot.

Set piece camera was best on 18 and I like pens now being more precise and rewarding. Free kick in own half is weird just step back imo .

No tactics on clubs and kit selects is good but people will use it to boost as they can see each other before game now.

This is only few things I have to say but part 1 for now and hope demo is improved and not some pull us in to feel it's good .


  • After sampling both the Beta (and Volta) - I am very pleased with the overall feel of both games. For me, Futbol is back in Fifa20! Yes, there may remain some issues (which others have mentioned in various posts and sometimes I do agree with them). But, everyone has different preferences, and EA cannot please everyone all the time. One thing is for sure; I will definitively be be pre-ordering Fifa20 (and I was on the fence prior to Fifa20 Beta). Now I'm genuinely excited about the season to come! There is real potential with this game IMO. I think EA should be congratulated for really making significant changes to the game, instead of tweeking aspects of the broken (and heartwrenching) Fifa19. This game, however, has a whole different feel to it; it strikes a good balance between Arcade - and real futbol. It feels like a whole new game to me. But, we'll see how it plays out after the 1st major patch. And like the man said - when the speed picks up later in the season, how will it feel then? We'll wait and see. As it stands, I would give this game 3.9 stars out of 5! Big sigh of relief:) I hesitantly say Thanks EA! (only because I'm still recovering from the pain of last season.
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    Nothing has any real weight on gameplay if massive input delay still affects almost everyone's games, and has no signs of being solved with EA still trying to work in an outdated, flawed netcode based on servers, servers on a 1v1 sports game, the worst idea you can EVER have for the online in your game.

    Until P2P netcode is brought in as an option to mitigate most of the delay any changes made to the gameplay are futile.
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    And what about Surprise mechanic?
    EA is all about the $$$.

    Still looks like fast paced ping pong game.
    Shame looks life fifa 19, every thing good you said could be fix with Patch in Fut 19.
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    Hopefully the volta mode will attract all the adhd kids (aka "fast speed & skill moves junkies"), thus effectively removing them from the true fotball modes in Fifa...
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    Jesus does EA pay you by the post for constantly praising 20?
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