USA eRegion and time zone - now forming fifa 19 & 20

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usa eregional is an open club to join if you add me on ps4: JDLH_Fifa

objectives: find players who are on in the general time zones. find players on the same regional servers to help cut back on lag. find dedicated esports fifa players who want to fit in on a team and play esports as a hobby.

The club: the club is open to all skill levels. No mic is necessary. the club is open so you can transfer in and out as you wish to play in other matches when the lads arent on. we try to win but do not get mad if club loses a match. we are here to have fun, learn and get better at the game each day. team play. right now we do not use an "any" position and may not in fifa 20 either.

the footballer: you will need to be available for USA time zone games and practices. for example, I work days in CDT time and am always on in the evenings which is about 11pm BST.... if youre on BST and stay up late then youre welcome to join! Have a friendly nature, winning is everything but cannot get mad at mistakes, losses or losing streaks because they will happen. play to enjoy the game, experience team comradery with other mates. be willing to play other positions if needed.

Console: PS4
Club name: USA eRegional
Size of Club:
Position(s) Wanted: all
Region: usa
Trial needed?: no
Club style: see above - casual but committed
Additional Info: english/ but no mic needed usa servers


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    i found some rank up teams ..i would really like to play in a structured system with good players ..the rank up team we had last night had great chemistry ..thats what Im talking about ..i think i scored like 8 goals in 10 games with theses lads..anyways saint louis got a mls team yesterday and I am on cloud 9 pitch is 30 mins from my house !
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