high speed ping-pong is back?



  • hooligan87
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    It is still a computer game right ?
    Yes, but it shouldn't be so primitive and unrealistic!
  • cdbuck26
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    @pablofsi08 I think most of what you're saying is exactly what I'm saying, it's good stuff.

    I'm not saying EA should put in restrictions or try and actually slow the game down, as a huge part of football is controlling the speed of play and knowing when to accelerate your attack and when to keep composure.
    (However the game speed is very much so faster than real life and looks at the very best like you're watching a match on x3 speed)

    But right now the emphasis on being a good fifa player isn't in the vision of a pass and playing as a team and real counters and build up play, it's skill move runs and assisted ping pong passing through a restricted defense
  • Benja190782
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    High speed ping pong is back, only because players like @Purplejacket @Orison @3MenandaBebe etc. simply can’t play normal football and brake a defence down by pure vision and authentic build up play. It’s impossible for them to outsmart their opponents if the game doesn’t hold their hand.

    Noobs like this needs assists... passing assists, and loads of them, so they can exploit the already broken passing mechanics and ping pong pass in 180 degree blind angles all the way from defence to attack.

    I would say - keep the gameplay FAST and responsive, but take away the assists so they can finally realise that FIFA and football in general, is so much more than just fast reactions.

    A good FIFA player should have vision, composure, tactical awareness and football knowledge.
    If you can’t outsmart your opponent by these simple things, you shouldn’t get rewarded as much as FIFA has been doing the last 5 years.

    But it’s back in FIFA 20 because cry babies like them can’t handle the game themself. They need assists. Simple.
  • Orison
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    The game had a noticably lessened skill gap in the first version of the beta so dunno what you are on about.

    It got better not worse.
  • Pablofsi08
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    If this game's skill gap is based on how quick how can do linear stuff instead of going into more complex strings we are very in the wrong path.
  • mfmaxpower
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    Orison wrote: »
    The game had a noticably lessened skill gap in the first version of the beta so dunno what you are on about.

    It got better not worse.

    I agree. Though this is because FIFA's skill gap is built primarily around dribbling. If they focused on improving football fundamentals, like first touch, body position, passing, etc, then the game wouldn't need to be played at such an unrealistic pace for there to be a skill gap.

    I'd like for there to be a more realistic pace in FIFA, but I agree that as the game is built right now the skill gap is pretty much just about twitch skills. That needs to change IMO.
  • bApTizE
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    Yes it's. Just like FIFA 18, CPU is passing the ball like ping pong on semi-pro. I refunded the game.
  • Master110
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    Ping pong was present during beta and demo.it wasnt patched back its always been there for assisted passing
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