Hi guys,

I’ve been playing fifa now for about 5 years and been using the fake shot for the past few installments.

While playing I realized there are so many different fake shot variations as is holding different buttons while doing the fake shot performs different types of fakes and stops and speeds boosts

As far as I can tell there are
1. Regular fake shot (x+a)
2. Running fake shot
3. Directional stick up fake shot
4. Stick down fake shot
5. Right/ left fake shot
6. New L1 +fake shot =boost
7. R1 fake shot = stop in any direction you point to with directional stick
8. L2 fakeshot - fake pass

I thought I knew all the fake shot variations but apparently if u have a 4 star skiller or above if you hold down R2(sprint) while doing a fake shot in some direction you do kinda like a heel to heel flick

Can anyone help with this???


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