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Why don't they just make lobbies with custom options?

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I can't imagine a better addition for FUT than customizable lobbies.

Min and Max team rating option
Must include this player
Card types allowed (ie Bronze, Silver, Gold, Special) etc
Include / exclude specific leagues

I'm sure there could be other options. I'm only referring to casual play, not competitive modes.

The biggest pull of FUT is its ability to be completely unique and diverse. But the fixed modes don't allow the creativity the game possesses. Why not let the community create their own platform to play the game.

You could have hundreds of different rooms. I know population could be a problem and maybe it would be difficult to get games, I'm not sure. I remember years ago on H2H they had lobbies and it was pretty easy to get games.


  • RadioShaq
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    Would guess population. I don’t know why more people don’t play games or do tournaments off the forum. Usually get 20 or so people who only like to play a certain way and all agree but never want to play each other. Guess their isn’t much demand for making up your own rules even though there seems like it would.
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