Best teams for each rating ...

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Haven’t played a game out of ultimate team all fifa19 , until about an hour ago. Went with Sevilla as Ben Yedder been my favourite player on UT. In Division 10 so game was a walk over, but what are the best teams to use each star rating to rise me up the divisions. Will be able to give them all a good try out cos I can’t imagine my games getting difficult any time soon.


  • tarheels_forever
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    not sure about the rest but in 5 star teams its obviously Barca, Real Madrid, PSG, Juventus, Liverpool, and Man. City. also maybe Bayern. people especially spam Barca this season.
  • cdbuck26
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    I use city for 5 star teams, love the depth and it allows you to be very flexible with your style of play. Surprisingly, Aguero doesn't do all that much for me it's mostly Sterling, Sane, KDB, or Bernardo Silva
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