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It's 2020 almost in 4 months .

Pro clubs features:

FIFA is a sports game based on association Football where in game players can be subbed in and out

in pro clubs after a decade there is STILL NO OPTION to sub a player in middle of the game instead of a BOT while the game is running.

You cannot spectate and watch ur team play if ur late except to stare at a lobby imagining whats happening and only see who scored but no display of the game as a spectator. you cant be subbed in nor can you watch the game.

you cant practice with your own team like real teams do in training sessions 5 v 5 warmup games with ur own teammates .

people who want to play goalkeeper can never save a header maybe 1 / 200 headers get saved . anything that hits the post cannot also be saved.

running down the wing the bots will never stop you and its been almost a decade since that didn't work. and im talking about d1 5 star bots

these are just some of the minor fixes ive requested back in 2013 and got permanently banned. Lesson ? : don't provide constructive criticism to an organization because they'll ban you forever.
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