Im convinced this game is against me

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there is literally nothing i can do i miss all my shots while they take one shot and score their AI blocks everything i shoot while mine just let the shoot go past, when i manual defend the ball flys back to the their feet giving them extra chances to shoot when i’m winning a game in the end it all of sudden lags and i lose it just doesn’t make sense my good play isn’t rewarded send me to d2


  • FCBlunt
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    Pro tip: Log off, try again tomorrow.

    If it doesn’t work, repeat.
  • Gnomenclature
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    Dude, it's the **** gameplay. Either it happens to you or it happens to them...

    There are two types of matches in fifa - you have the good connection, every shots a goal, all your passes make it to another teammate OR the other way around.

    You'll know immediately who's connection is better after a few passes. Your 99 pace players will not be able to catch a 70 pace player... You'll have zero acceleration, every other pass/shot will be an error and all your passes will be in slow motion.

    Sometimes you have the worst connection for several games in a row... this game is not fair, it never was. It's not PVP, it's player vs. The server.
  • RileyD
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    All in your head pal
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