Gameplay went awful again

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Going towards Fifa 20 the representation of the stage of this game, I really feel sorry for EA ! Content is great but gameplay continues to struggle at its highest peak.
Passing horrid
Can’t shoot
Players running slower to their stats
Can’t switch
Really don’t know what to describe anymore


  • SeaDawgBob
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    Since the last patch I can’t play, the ball doesn’t attach to my players foot. 1GB connection and I have pretty sluggish gameplay
  • alvchong
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    Me too since the last patch. I dropped from… div 3,4 to 5. Skill point from 1350 to 1000. Button delay is the main problem. Goals chance and tackles all delayed and loss all the fun of playing even with stacked team. Once ping the fut server using pc and it give me >300ms. I am not sure the same happened to my ps4 as dunno how to ping from ps4
  • Amdp9
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    This is just ridiculous! And a wake up call for everyone !
  • oneskyworld
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    edited August 15
    Yeah, I have constant input lag right now. Lost to a wired shaped team with all the mis positioned players.
    Of course, that's after I shot multiple times on the frame.
    The worst part is, I read clearly what he wants to do next, and did the right thing, yet my players' just refuse to act on my command.
    And there are several occasions the ball clearly phantom through my defenders.
  • Aqeel87
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    It's definitely intentional by EA to divert our attention towards 20 but not gonna fall for it lol
  • Mmandras
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    I'm having the best connection since beginning. Butter smooth in most games.
  • TheMightyBee
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    It's been terrible since the first patch.
  • Ruprecht
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    Awful. Played 2 games and quit in both first half, unplayable. Already decided earlier in the year that this was my last fifa and the gameplay all year has only added to my reasoning.
    Only game I've ever had that is only playable in the middle of the night.
  • alvchong
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    Funny that now can't shot properly after all shooting stats are over 90+. What a joke when they implement button delay to Fifa 19 in the last month.
  • Nervous_Nick
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    It's been terrible since the first patch.

    Same for me. WL and DR. My players feel slowly and clunky, passing is weak, shooting is off, i keep hitting the post.

  • silverdale10
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    Tried a little experiment earlier today and I found that if my opponent isn't close to a server, I can completely ruin the control of his players by moving my console into a corner where my wi-fi barely picks up a signal at all. Whilst I'm seeing the game stutter, he'll be seeing the worst BS ever. I did this mid-way through the 2nd half, went high press, full on attack and although it was difficult for me to pass at times amid all the half-second freezing, I always won the ball back immediately and once I go into his box it was pure farce, he ended up knocking the ball into his own net after his keeper refused to clear the ball and ran into a teammate who scored the OG. I've been on the end of this sort of thing so many times, it was interesting to see what actually causes it to happen.

    I still lose to Dutch players no matter how bad I make the wi-fi signal, they seem to have the biggest advantage. Germans and UK have a server but a lot more players because of much bigger populations, so they can struggle like anybody else.
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