Best LB and RB

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Who's the best LB and RB in the game?


  • AlbinoXI
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    edited August 14
    What links do you have ? If cbs aren’t considered then Sandro/Marcelo and da costa/cancelo probably
  • Nvs
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    FB Sandro/TOTS Lala
  • AlbinoXI
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    Nvs wrote: »
    FB Sandro/TOTS Lala

    They’re actually my two main fullbacks I’ve used lala all year however I’d say the other two are slightly better and I have both in alternative teams but stick with lala for chem
  • SomeNextGuy
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    FB Alex Sandro

    Rate TAA above Da Costa now after using him for quite a few games.
  • Delboy13710
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    I love Telles at LB I think he has the best cross I've used . Da Costa if you play on stay back Attacking wise I'd go with Cancelo
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