Is Ronaldinho prime still worthy ?

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I need a good LW for under 750k but I can do ronaldinho prime with those 750k and all my untradeables, is he good at LW, I'm asking because I noticed that he have 83 stamina, I dont know if that's a problem...


  • I play him at CAM or LCAM, never had any stamina issues really. And is SOOOOO FUN to use.
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    not the best LW anymore but still fun for the nostalgia

    Should have done futties Hazard when you had the chance
  • CycloMusic10
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    not the best LW anymore but still fun for the nostalgia

    Should have done futties Hazard when you had the chance

    Yeah I know but at that time he didnt fit into my team but I just finish eusebio and sterling, so any LW can fit in my team. Any suggestions?
  • SomeNextGuy
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    Use him at LM.

    He's good, gets subbed at half time for red TOTS Salah because man gets tired.
  • D0lvl
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    Do his sbc. Packed him from the icon sbc. He’s very fun to use if you skills and feels very fast doing them. He’s strong on the ball and the ball just sticks to his feet when dribbling.

    No stamina issues so far.
  • DanValletta
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    Used him for over 1000 games.

    Everytime I have tried to try another lw I go back to him. The only top one I haven't tried is Toty neymar.

    Tots hazard etc just don't have the X factor that dinho does.

    Best skiller in the game. Really strong. Great runs. Touch of dreams. Pretty good finesse. Solid weak foot. Not a midget. Custom animations. I have settled on him now as Toty neymar is out of range.

    I wouldn't swap him for anyone else.
  • RemyS
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    I nearly did his sbc but didn't have enough time or motivation. I think it was worth it only while we had batch 3, as it means it was way cheaper if you consider what you get in packs.
    I bought tots dembele instead. You can get many great 93-98 left wingers (hazard, dembele, sane, birthday mbappé even if 91,...) that I am sure one would have better stats for cheaper in your team.
    But it's not as fun or nostalgic :)
  • Inutiles FC
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    I will say that better buy the hazard 98 I think is around 750k
  • GT500
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  • Gnomenclature
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    He's great, but you'll want to put a hunter on him as he can't keep up against tots fullbacks and some of his shooting stats could use a boost. As stated above, he gets tired quick and clearly loses some pace near min 60.

    He has the best finesse shot in the game (Pim cruyff level). Wins a surprising amount of far post headers, and has custom animations while dribbling - making him quite unique (like neymar).

    That being said, futtie hazard is impactful...
  • AjaxLegends
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    He is not very effective but great fun. My favorite player growing up so much rather play with him than Neymar. Also prefer him over 97 Hazard.
  • FinEverton
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    Is he any good as ST?
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