Did you enjoy futties?



  • oldboiler
    1979 posts Play-Off Hero
    It was ok.
    It was actually really good but soured by an appalling game. This months FUTSwaps and 4th league sbc player pick should have been released during TOTS
  • greif44
    2275 posts Fans' Favourite
    No, not really.
    Content was ok, but what's the point of it if gameplay and servers are a joke
  • SuperSonicSean
    5931 posts Big Money Move
    Yes, a lot!
    Batch 3 was incredible, and I liked the variety of players provided through fut swaps and weekly objectives. They made up for the EPL bias in voting
    (which happens every year) by giving us many of the "losers" in other formats.

    My only complaint is that they waited too long to bring back 81+ during batch 3.
  • Springveldt
    4495 posts National Call-Up
    Yes, a lot!
    Pack weight was actually rewarding and worth putting the time in. Grinding for 2 weeks to be able to do the Gullit SBC seems about right to me.
  • iTaLenTZ
    462 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Yes, a lot!
    It was the best promo. Great content, great rewards, great objectives. One of the few things I can't complain about.
  • oneskyworld
    1020 posts Professional
    It was ok.
    It was fun, especially the weekly objective players.
    But started too late, and ends too soon.
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
    12836 posts Has That Special Something
    It was ok.
    Kouli06 wrote: »
    Decent pack weight and a nice market crash that’s all good to me! 🤗
    Still a shame about gameplay 😂

  • Bags
    700 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Yes, a lot!
    Best promo of the year in my opinion
  • kcichris
    1609 posts Play-Off Hero
    It was ok.
    ok as a an ending for this years fut
  • Liam W
    2572 posts Fans' Favourite
    Yes, a lot!
    Maybe 1/3 of my final team players are FUTTIES cards. Anything with overpowered, undeserved cards for my favourite players (Alaba, Perisic, SMS) is a good thing for me!
  • leon1309
    4135 posts National Call-Up
    Yes, a lot!
    It had its flaws, but content is miles above gameplay sadly.
  • Danielb
    882 posts Professional
    Yes, a lot!
    Mainly due to the fact that i got some awesome players i didnt expect to even think about using. Like Rashford Richarlison Texieria and ones i did and got Coman Alaba, Lozano and SMS.
    Would be cool if you could link a whole squad of Futties with no chem penalty like Icons
  • cornbeef
    405 posts Sunday League Hero
    Yes, a lot!
    tbf it was the best promo they did all year. pack weights where decent, weekly objectives wernt a total grind and they released some cool cards
  • aladdin
    818 posts Semi-Pro
    It was ok.
    it wasn’t bad and it was nice to actually pack decent players consistently. i just wish it was a bit more like that throughout the year
  • Invincibility
    3312 posts National Call-Up
    Yes, a lot!
    Best promo.. Way better then TOTS itself
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