Did you enjoy futties?

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Did you enjoy futties? 250 votes

Yes, a lot!
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It was ok.
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No, not really.
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Haven't played in weeks.
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Thought you had retired.
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  • JohnDoe
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    It was ok.
    Could've been better, but it was still nice.
  • Vixonner
    84 posts Park Captain
    It was ok.
    Few cool free players, so wasn't bad
  • NathW90
    356 posts An Exciting Prospect
    No, not really.
    I haven't truly enjoyed anything about this abomination of a game.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
    13957 posts Has That Special Something
    It was ok.
    Managed to do the majority of futties with decent pack rewards, was nice for a change
  • Lackosweat
    5450 posts Big Money Move
    Yes, a lot!
    Pack addict ftw
  • mindm4ster
    4907 posts Big Money Move
    Thought you had retired.
    I'm not answering to EA's red list people
  • I think that FUT 19 was amazing, here I mean all the cards they did because it was much better than 18. We had a wide variety of cards and players.
    The only thing that i hate about FUT is that the TOTS come too late. I mean June-July it's kinda late because game it's already dead in august and what's the point of TOTS coming so late if you only enjoy it for 1 month or 2 the max.
    Cards were much better this year.

    Game play on the other hand was awful. Each update was a disaster. I remember I had TOTY De Gea and after another update i was getting goals from every position , every shoot, finesse- far away. TOTAL DISASTER.

    Gameplay - movement and everything was GARBAGE!
    I would stick with FUT 17 for game-play, player movements, passes, shots, everything.
  • Argentus
    663 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Yes, a lot!
    If you count batch 3 of special cards, it was the best promo of the year!
  • bberger
    5119 posts Big Money Move
    It was ok.
    Argentus wrote: »
    If you count batch 3 of special cards, it was the best promo of the year!

  • freakjas
    5585 posts Big Money Move
    Yes, a lot!
    Yup these past two weeks have been way too much fun for this stage of fifa. Dont think i‘ve ever actively played till august.
  • smcali23
    1226 posts Professional
    Yes, a lot!
    Yeah, it’s been great. So many blues. Decimated my club mind.
  • joehuk
    3161 posts National Call-Up
    Yes, a lot!
    It's been great tbh shame it's always do close to the end of fifa it would be nice if something similar happened on all big promos with special cards but I guess EA won't do that lol.
  • Kouli06
    1577 posts Play-Off Hero
    It was ok.
    Decent pack weight and a nice market crash that’s all good to me! 🤗
    Still a shame about gameplay 😂
  • Gnomenclature
    2493 posts Fans' Favourite
    Yes, a lot!
    Best promo yet. Never felt any pressure to buy fp... packed so many special cards - including some really fun tots.

    Most of the futties cards were very fun to play with. Most notably - rashford, richarlson, pogba, hazard, alaba, and walker saw a lot of minutes in my teams.

    Also enjoyed tots son (got in the tots upgrade), tots cancelo, tots Ben yedder, and a few others.

    In addition, I completed Pim cruyff, Pim maldini, and Pim maradona just from all the special cards I packed or obtained from objectives.

    Good times. I now have 50k coins and not a single rare card in my club lol. Completely wiped! Now I'll just enjoy the plethora of top quality players I have in the club till the game completely dies.
  • Ishibum
    12156 posts Has That Special Something
    It was ok.
    Best promo they have done. That's a particularly low bar though (tots was a total write off)
  • Tue69
    1035 posts Professional
    It was ok.
    Argentus wrote: »
    If you count batch 3 of special cards, it was the best promo of the year!

  • Mmandras
    1716 posts Play-Off Hero
    It was ok.
    Solid try to keep the player base happy. I wonder if there's another promo around the corner...
  • MazerM
    21 posts Ball Boy
    Thought you had retired.
    Would have enjoyed the promo more if the players available played to their stats in game, rather than like a bronze half the time!
    13041 posts Has That Special Something
    edited August 14
    Yes, a lot!
    Content was great and high chances of packing ToTS. So yes a lot. Best promo of the year. Should have rereleased ToTY as well though imo.

    Gameplay is still **** but that's a separate thing.
  • Mossup
    1000 posts Professional
    Yes, a lot!
    Started off a bit poor but improved rapidly. Nice to see so many attainable players to get though SBCs and objectives.
  • Drachenfells
    261 posts Sunday League Hero
    Yes, a lot!
    Got some good free players from objectives and pack weight was high so lots of tots I enjoyed it.
  • joehuk
    3161 posts National Call-Up
    Yes, a lot!
    RIP futties.

    :) EA should of continued something until the end tbh.
  • v4vendetta1978
    2797 posts Fans' Favourite
    It was ok.
    This and future stars were the best all year the rest were trash like the game so meh for fifa 19
  • Alx192
    645 posts An Exciting Prospect
    It was ok.
  • Retropoe82
    354 posts Sunday League Hero
    edited August 14
    No, not really.
    Too short should of ran it till the end of the month. I did enjoy pulling blues for fun. Shame 2 player packs didn't get the same drop rate as last yr. Just focus now playing it out till wl is over
  • AlbinoXI
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    Yes, a lot!
    Can’t complain on the whole a reasonably well managed promo, aside from a few ea things
  • BeastlyHusla
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    It was ok.
    It was good but too many picks were rigged for specific players
  • AJHaeford1989
    165 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Yes, a lot!
    Spent the last day doing upgrade packs just to clear out my club, only notable pull from those being Benzema.

    Did 9 Icon packs and only got 1 prime which was 91 Seedorf
  • CFCHenri
    3394 posts National Call-Up
    It was ok.
    Enjoyed the Best of Packs, hated Futties as a stand-alone promo.
  • Batman442
    3765 posts National Call-Up
    It was ok.
    Very late in FIFA for it but all in all it was a decent promo compared to other pointless dead promos
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