Did you enjoy futties?

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Did you enjoy futties? 250 votes

Yes, a lot!
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It was ok.
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No, not really.
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Haven't played in weeks.
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Thought you had retired.
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  • JohnDoe
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    It was ok.
    Could've been better, but it was still nice.
  • Vixonner
    93 posts Park Captain
    It was ok.
    Few cool free players, so wasn't bad
  • NathW90
    367 posts An Exciting Prospect
    No, not really.
    I haven't truly enjoyed anything about this abomination of a game.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
    14570 posts Has That Special Something
    It was ok.
    Managed to do the majority of futties with decent pack rewards, was nice for a change
  • Lackosweat
    5674 posts Big Money Move
    Yes, a lot!
    Pack addict ftw
  • mindm4ster
    4942 posts Big Money Move
    Thought you had retired.
    I'm not answering to EA's red list people
  • I think that FUT 19 was amazing, here I mean all the cards they did because it was much better than 18. We had a wide variety of cards and players.
    The only thing that i hate about FUT is that the TOTS come too late. I mean June-July it's kinda late because game it's already dead in august and what's the point of TOTS coming so late if you only enjoy it for 1 month or 2 the max.
    Cards were much better this year.

    Game play on the other hand was awful. Each update was a disaster. I remember I had TOTY De Gea and after another update i was getting goals from every position , every shoot, finesse- far away. TOTAL DISASTER.

    Gameplay - movement and everything was GARBAGE!
    I would stick with FUT 17 for game-play, player movements, passes, shots, everything.
  • Argentus
    672 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Yes, a lot!
    If you count batch 3 of special cards, it was the best promo of the year!
  • bberger
    5164 posts Big Money Move
    It was ok.
    Argentus wrote: »
    If you count batch 3 of special cards, it was the best promo of the year!

  • freakjas
    5911 posts Big Money Move
    Yes, a lot!
    Yup these past two weeks have been way too much fun for this stage of fifa. Dont think i‘ve ever actively played till august.
  • smcali23
    1229 posts Professional
    Yes, a lot!
    Yeah, it’s been great. So many blues. Decimated my club mind.
  • joehuk
    3315 posts National Call-Up
    Yes, a lot!
    It's been great tbh shame it's always do close to the end of fifa it would be nice if something similar happened on all big promos with special cards but I guess EA won't do that lol.
  • Kouli06
    1628 posts Play-Off Hero
    It was ok.
    Decent pack weight and a nice market crash that’s all good to me! 🤗
    Still a shame about gameplay 😂
  • Gnomenclature
    3117 posts National Call-Up
    Yes, a lot!
    Best promo yet. Never felt any pressure to buy fp... packed so many special cards - including some really fun tots.

    Most of the futties cards were very fun to play with. Most notably - rashford, richarlson, pogba, hazard, alaba, and walker saw a lot of minutes in my teams.

    Also enjoyed tots son (got in the tots upgrade), tots cancelo, tots Ben yedder, and a few others.

    In addition, I completed Pim cruyff, Pim maldini, and Pim maradona just from all the special cards I packed or obtained from objectives.

    Good times. I now have 50k coins and not a single rare card in my club lol. Completely wiped! Now I'll just enjoy the plethora of top quality players I have in the club till the game completely dies.
  • Ishibum
    12395 posts Has That Special Something
    It was ok.
    Best promo they have done. That's a particularly low bar though (tots was a total write off)
  • Tue69
    1074 posts Professional
    It was ok.
    Argentus wrote: »
    If you count batch 3 of special cards, it was the best promo of the year!

  • Mmandras
    2036 posts Fans' Favourite
    It was ok.
    Solid try to keep the player base happy. I wonder if there's another promo around the corner...
  • MazerM
    41 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Thought you had retired.
    Would have enjoyed the promo more if the players available played to their stats in game, rather than like a bronze half the time!
    13082 posts Has That Special Something
    edited August 14
    Yes, a lot!
    Content was great and high chances of packing ToTS. So yes a lot. Best promo of the year. Should have rereleased ToTY as well though imo.

    Gameplay is still **** but that's a separate thing.
  • Mossup
    1018 posts Professional
    Yes, a lot!
    Started off a bit poor but improved rapidly. Nice to see so many attainable players to get though SBCs and objectives.
  • Drachenfells
    370 posts Sunday League Hero
    Yes, a lot!
    Got some good free players from objectives and pack weight was high so lots of tots I enjoyed it.
  • joehuk
    3315 posts National Call-Up
    Yes, a lot!
    RIP futties.

    :) EA should of continued something until the end tbh.
  • v4vendetta1978
    2804 posts Fans' Favourite
    It was ok.
    This and future stars were the best all year the rest were trash like the game so meh for fifa 19
  • Alx192
    670 posts An Exciting Prospect
    It was ok.
  • Retropoe82
    438 posts An Exciting Prospect
    edited August 14
    No, not really.
    Too short should of ran it till the end of the month. I did enjoy pulling blues for fun. Shame 2 player packs didn't get the same drop rate as last yr. Just focus now playing it out till wl is over
  • AlbinoXI
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    Yes, a lot!
    Can’t complain on the whole a reasonably well managed promo, aside from a few ea things
  • BeastlyHusla
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    It was ok.
    It was good but too many picks were rigged for specific players
  • AJHaeford1989
    188 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Yes, a lot!
    Spent the last day doing upgrade packs just to clear out my club, only notable pull from those being Benzema.

    Did 9 Icon packs and only got 1 prime which was 91 Seedorf
  • CFCHenri
    3406 posts National Call-Up
    It was ok.
    Enjoyed the Best of Packs, hated Futties as a stand-alone promo.
  • Batman442
    3767 posts National Call-Up
    It was ok.
    Very late in FIFA for it but all in all it was a decent promo compared to other pointless dead promos
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