FIFA 20 Career Mode

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Some info on the upcoming career mode, which will require a tat more 'managing' than before. I still hope that there'll be an option to focus your money on youth development and scouting, much more than is the case now and more than is announced. Still, some features really look promising and nice for the longevity of the game.
  • More customization options for your avatar in-game
  • More managing to do: public interviews, private conversations
  • Influence on development rating (the road from actual to potential rating)

Who's up for a nice (and potentially long) Career Mode in FIFA 20?


  • Dmorg7
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    Please fix player career mode, fifa 19 was awful, i had to create multiple careers because each one was not allowing me get a transfer of when i do i never get selected to play a match even tho my overall rating was really high (at least 85)
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