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I don’t know where this would fit under so I decided to create a new discussion. I play and buy the latest FIFA every year and this is my biggest gripe. Essentially you need to rebuild from the ground up the player and team ratings because the current system just doesn’t make any real sense nor is it in anyway very accurate. Every year I buy a new game of FIFA I spend literally months going through and changing thousands of players attributes most that I completely disagree with and others just to make the game more accurate in my opinion. Player ratings and potential can be looked up (and I do) but rarely do players progress enough, the ratings between the top players and good players are too far apart. For example; (I will focus on the EFL for my examples but my criticism is for all leagues) in real life occasionally a newly promoted team into the premier league from the championship beats one of the top 6; in fact Wolves were a newly promoted team last year and finished 7th. Sometimes in the FA cup, teams from league one or two, but especially the championship, even make deep runs but this is hardly possible or likely to happen when the top 6 clubs are entirely made up of 80-90 overalls whereas championship teams are made up of high 60’s-mid 70’s. The ratings need to be closer to each other. Also the categories of ratings need to change and be expanded greatly. Surely the majority of players in even the lower leagues will have similar physical stats to even elite players. There are few and far between super anomaly’s when it comes to professional footballers physical abilities. It’s not like all top players are just so much faster than everyone else. The top players are great athletes, have great physical attributes, and of course also combine that with great skill. Also there are some players who just excel far more at certain skills which is why they are pro. Matic, for United for example, a declining player yes, but even in his prime he was never an extraordinary athlete. I myself, a former college basketball player was surely a much better athlete than he was but he had skills above and beyond your average player. That’s what needs to stick out. There are too little skill attributes (and just attributes altogether) to access players with currently. Dribbling, ball control, free kick accuracy, curve, and long pass are all you’ve currently got. These categories don’t mean anything. There are very talented freestyle players who aren’t anywhere near pro level. There are lots of ppl who can kick the ball a long ways, but can they do it consistently, under pressure, under poor conditions, etc. These are things that need to be taken into account. Passing for example needs more than just short and long passing and crossing. Just because you can do tricks doesn’t mean you are a great dribbler. Matic surely could dribble but he didn’t waste his time performing tricks and flips. Others do and they do so for their own benefit. Can you deliver a pass with the correct amount of speed and pace? Is your pass bouncing along the ground as it comes to a teammate making it harder to control than one that moves perfectly across the ground? Where is the first touch attribute? Shooting - how much space and time do you require to get off a quality shot? From what distance (exactly) is your range of shooting? Everyone who’s ever played themselves knows before a proper game what they have in their locker. I can put a reasonable amount of curve and accuracy from up to about 18 yards away. I know the maximum distance I can take a power shot from is about 25-27 yards. I know if I’m beyond these limits if I decide to risk it the chances of me doing what I intend to do with dramatically decrease. So what I propose is that you revamp your ratings system and include far more attributes into each players overall ratings consideration.

Also in terms of what is a 1 rating and what is a 99, also seems to be completely arbitrary. Let’s take speed for example. 99 is as far as the meter goes. Surely then the only person deserving of a 99 in Usain Bolt. He is the fastest human alive and his 100 meter world record has set the bar; but then again someday someone might beat it. This is important for careers and development over time and many seasons. Usain Bolt actually attempted to be a pro footballer and what would have happened had he made a pro club? Your ratings wouldn’t be able to accommodate his incredible speed. If Bolt is a 99 (running without the ball as this should be differentiated between with and without the ball) or say a 97 to allow for progression over time (although I think a better way to do that is over time allow the meter to go into the 100’s) then the fastest pro footballer is going to be only a 90-92 or what not (convert it all into MPH and make it as realistic as possible). At the same time then Bolt (should he really be in the game) would have very low dribbling, tricks, ball control skill, running with the ball skill, passing, and everything else, where as a player such as I mentioned before like Matic (in his prime) would have very low speed, probably be higher with the ball at his feet than not, but ultimately really good ball control, first touch, passing tempo, decision making, etc those types of attributes in the high 80’s to 90’s. But again base each attributes “99” on the best there ever was at that particular attribute. Messi 99 balance, Ronaldo 99 finishing, Zidane 99 in terms of different kinds of passing, Ronaldinho 99 in creativity!

Another aspect that needs to be addressed is consistency. Remember Hazard from a few years ago at Chelsea? One game he would look genius and the next he would be incredibly poor. Matic, though, very consistent. Teams too, Chelsea again as an example, went from winning the league, to tenth the following year, then back up into the top 6. Their squad didn’t change drastically but their motivation to play for a certain coach or under a certain style or missing a goal early on in the season made them loose interest for long periods of time. Same goes with individual players. Some players are very consistent and almost position and system-less. It doesn’t matter who’s coaching them or what tactics the team has decided to employ that day, they will always perform well while others, those types of dynamics play a great deal into how they perform. Take Marcos Alonso for Chelsea. Two years ago he was one of the best left backs in the world people were saying, now, he’s having trouble getting into the squad ahead of Emerson. Why? Because Alonso is a great wing back and when he had less defensive responsibilities he flourished but now that the system. Chelsea has switched to requires a more traditional left back he doesn’t have the speed to make it up and down the field and perform his offensive and defensive responsibilities. These things need to be in the game. Coach’s tactics, a players willingness or a players combustible attitude, simply their consistency need to all affect the players overall rating. I suggest you implement this feature by giving players a range on their overall rating. For example some days Hazard is one of the top players in the world and easily could be given a 93-94 rating but then under the wrong circumstances he can play just awful maybe even as low as a 76. Others are much more consistent and the variability to their overall may only change by a point or two. And maybe even others can perform exceedingly well in just the exact circumstances but most of the time are just average. These types of situations show up in real life all the time.

Finally customization needs to be much varied and nuanced. For example in the basketball video game NBA 2k series, you can customize even the beginning, middle, and end style of a players shot tendencies. How they perform a crossover move with dozens or alternatives. How the do layups and if and what dunks they are able to perform. Many of these are modeled after real world athletes while others are added in as generics or ways that you yourself, an average person, plays at your local rec center. Ray Allen, for example, had a very distinct way of shooting as opposed to most players. Allen Iverson had a distinct crossover compared to others performing the same move. The same should be done with FIFA. Pogba, for example, I’ve noticed, has a very particular way in which he dips his shoulder when receiving a pass which allows him to easily dummy the ball and then pick it up after the ball has rolled past the defender. Messi has a distinct style to his play and although he may have a similar rating in terms of dribbling to say Neymar anyone can easily recognize the difference between the two. David Beckham had a very memorable follow-through at the end of his crossing motion. Ronaldinho looked like no one else. If it’s in the game it should be in your game, not mimicked by another company, right?

In short I’d like you to consider these ideas and try to implement them into FIFA as quickly as possible (probably not possible by FIFA 20 but by 21?) as it would make the game far more varied, unpredictable, and ultimately much more realistic and far more enjoyable for the consumers of your product.


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  • probably not but then again the chances that they have even thought of these changes themselves are just as low
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