LFP - About Six FC - Looking for Division 1 talented and adult players

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Console: PS4
Club name: AboutSixFC
Size of Club: 9
Position(s) Wanted: We currently have enough Attackers and Midfielders on trial. CB/Wingbacks are still welcome to trial with us.
Region: British Isles, Western Europe, Central Europe, North Europe, Southern Europe - East Coast US is fine if you can match our playing times
Trial needed?: Yes
Club style: Casual with a competitive touch
Additional Info:

Couple of 20+ aged guys who have played ever since FIFA 11 on Pro Clubs have started a new Division 1 club (currently in Division 5 but making fast progress to Division1).But to get to Division 1 and start winning trophies we need a squad.

We are looking for 20+ aged players and have the ambition to build a club where the atmosphere is good and so is the chemistry. We do not have the ambition to play VPG or VFL. We do however aim for being a steady and successful team in Division 1.

Our play style: We don't enjoy “full speed sprint towards goal no matter what and lose the ball 9 times out of 10” style. We like realistic build up, great passing, patience, and overwhelming finishing quality.

What else do you need to know:

\- We need players that play like online 3-4 nights a week. We play from around 7 (0 GMT) onwards.

\- U need good experience on proclubs. Have played in a div1 team. Rating 88+

Important to know:

\- Liverpool kit, a couple of LFC fans in the team.- We dont use an ANY or GK.- Headset possible but not needed.- No VPG No VFL

Want to join us?

Message us: TrinnyTris, cafetero12 or Joe-a-million on PSN.
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