[PS4] LFP - About Six FC - Looking for Division 1 talented and adult players

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Console: PS4
Club name: AboutSixFC
Size of Club: 11
Position(s) Wanted:
Looking for steady and calm wingbacks who can defend well (this is a must) but also build up play with the CM’s. Also can target the attackers with precision crosses (not to often though).
Region: British Isles, Western Europe, Central Europe, North Europe - East coast US is fine if you can match our playing times.
Trial needed?: Yes
Club style: Competitive.

Additional Info:

A couple of 20+ aged guys who have played ever since FIFA 11 on Pro Clubs have started a Division 1 club about 6 weeks a go.

We are looking for 20+ aged players and have the ambition to build a club where the atmosphere is good and so is the chemistry. We do not have the ambition to play VPG or VFL. We do however aim for being a steady and successful team in Division 1 which we are now. We take the road to Divison 1 very serious so if you don’t, there is no point in asking to trial.

Our play style: We don't enjoy “full speed sprint towards goal no matter what and lose the ball 9 times out of 10” style. We like realistic build up, great passing, patience, and overwhelming finishing quality.

What else do you need to know:

- We need players that play like online 3-4 nights a week. We play from around 8 (+0 GMT) onwards.
- U need good experience on proclubs. Have played in a div1 team. Rating 88+

Important to know:

-If this looks like a good secondary or tenth club for you where you can clubhop to play with other friends, VPG or VFL then it’s best to look further.


We understand you have to see first if this club suits you. That’s why there is a trial period
- There are four managers in the club and we use authoritarian leadership.
- When you trial for a position we expect you to play on that position. We will let you play a few games and then let you know if you’ve passed your trial or not.
- Liverpool kit,
- A couple of LFC fans and Arsenal fans in the team.
- We dont use an ANY or GK.
- Headset possible but not needed.
- We have a PSN group chat and you will be added to it if you are on trial so you can follow the feed and what is said.

Want to join us?

Message us: TrinnyTris, cafetero12, Joe-a-million or StraightCruddy on PSN.
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