is now the game finally on decline ?!

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What will you guys do with this game now:
  1. where cards are accessible;
  2. making coins is greater/easier than never as every other 3 paks one could have 1 or 4 90 rated card on it;
  3. the server looks better now ( I mean, yesterday I've played two games - actually I lost two games LOL- ) yes, looks fast and responsive than never - is fewer people on the game making the game faster ?! :wink:
  4. Pack odds are crazy right now - like we never would have been able to have as much as SBC icons as we do - during these last two weeks...
  5. Keep doing SBCs - as I'm a pack addicted;
  6. ......

My question is, what is your plan?

For me, I still don't know, let's play another game, let's buy FIFA 20, try to enjoy the Fifa 20 Beta for this week, keep playing this spoiled crazy fast game and enjoy the 300 cards that are 90 plus that we never used because of meta or what's so ever LOL...

I know you all are creative and I would like to laugh along as I'm reading your answers... as even the forum is Meh right now !!!


  • lippyone
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    For months people have been saying the game was dead, It wasnt

    But now it is starting to feel like it is not worth collecting any more cards or money, so am just playi;g when in the mood and not bothering with SBs or anything
  • Gnomenclature
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    Took almost 5min to get a match in rivals yesterday... I'd say it's deffinitely declining. I'm mostly playing Brazilians (I'm in california) 8 out of 10 games. All super laggy...
  • Ishibum
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    I can't face playing Rivals anymore. I'm done playing weekend league. Only thing left is friendlies on the weekend with folk. I'll do that until 20 hits (when I'll dedicate my time to other games instead)
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