Return of Custom Pass Tactic

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It is important that you have the custom tactic, as you had until fifa 18, of the passes, because the only real way to be able to score under pressure as soon as we lose possession is when the players are very close each other and this occurs with the customization of short passes and amplitude opening. Thus, we also managed to score the pressure at the moment of the opposing lateral throw, one of the great mistakes of fifa, because, at these moments, the team is spaced and spaced, without amplitude and depth, generating the collection of manual pitch in an absolutely quiet way. to the opponents. I suggest the following test in fifa 18: in custom tactics, first 3 items (finish, passes) put in 5, crosses in 50, finishing in 40, as we need to squeeze the ends and keep the team under constant pressure, and the defensive items , last 3 out of 95. Score with two players and you will see constant pressure with the athletes even anticipating the passes even without being manually controlled. This result was obtained after almost a year of daily testing. Thanks in advance and hope to contribute to the actual evolution of the game.
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