I moaned about 💩 pack weight this morning ...just done VIRGIL




Last week rewards 6 packs and 7 special cards .....this morning i did the 6 packs and got 1 orange card.....

Now ive made about 200k on Big virg....

There are a few doubting the pack weight today...id say it was still quite high ...do any
And all sbcs you


  • Invincibility
    3427 posts National Call-Up
    KEEP moaning.. EA tracks this forum for your packweight
  • Waldog94
    1474 posts Play-Off Hero
    Cant wait to finish him then i did the 100k and got casilias
  • That's dead
  • Amdp9
    2916 posts National Call-Up
    packed my first icon of the year from Van Dijk too
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
    14146 posts Has That Special Something
    I got forrest
  • BigHarryNutz
    575 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Tbh I I've packed TOTS TAA and TOTS Pepe today and I did not really feel anything about it. Sold TAA, Pepe isn't worth jack and my team is, well I'm happy with my team.

    Have 800k in the bank and I could by Son or Auba and spend the rest ilon opening packs but I'm not sure what it'll bring me.
  • spy
    483 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I’ve packed TOTS Lacazette from the 89 VVD segment and Alisson from one of the MM packs who are both still over 100k as well as Brandt, Gnabry and a few other cheaper TOTS today so the pack weight still seems pretty good to me.
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