What time does the “thursday rewards market crash” that everyone been banging on about start?

Only asking as prices are up from yesturday


  • mr_flibble
    740 posts Semi-Pro
    Don't top tier players increase in price (people want to buy) and fodder (ppl selling all the junk from packs) decreases? That is what I have always observed.

    Great if you are looking to buy a rare gold turkish league CB, bad if you are looking to buy end game players.

  • alex1987
    5856 posts Big Money Move
    There isn't one. It's to late in the game. Much less players, much less demand.
    Everyone already has a great team and players are at discard.
  • Jpo41
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  • leon1309
    4217 posts National Call-Up
    Some elite (or close to) actually went up a bit.
  • OZero
    6905 posts Big Money Move
    No such thing for a long time. Price always rise at Thursday even if reward comes out
  • Al_HFX
    456 posts Sunday League Hero
    Next Thursday :D
  • Invincibility
    4682 posts National Call-Up
    Try sniping those who undercuts the most got a TOTS Son for 270k
  • RebelRob
    6785 posts Big Money Move
    Most players crashed 70% from a week ago, so no more crashes imo, just the usual ups and downs
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