Difference between 4222 and 442-2?

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Whats the biggest difference between these two?


  • SuperSonicSean
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    You can put winger instructions on your LM/RM in the 442(2) which are more detailed than the wide CAM options in the 4222. Those players will tuck inside a bit more in the latter formation and be in prime position to take finesse shots from outside the box.

    In the 442(2), they tend to hug the sideline a bit more which allows them to cross inside or drible down the sideline/goal line to try and take it in themselves. If you like to cross and/or have dynamic wingers like TOTY Mbappe or TOTS Salah, go with the 442. If you use players like FB Mahrez and prefer a shorter build up and passing game with first time finesse shots, go with the 4222.
  • HishamAyman
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    4222 first time shots 442 crosses good luck
  • Oweyman
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    442(2) has more players starting deeper, meaning its even better for drop back! >:)
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