help plz

hi don't know if i'm the right place but i got fifa 19 on pc my PC i5 4460 with 20giz of ddr 3 ram with a rx480 and when playing fifa its so delay when i'm online is their any setting that i need to know about as players that are 99 pace r getting beat by 70 pace player and when passing ball the player are going backwoods got a new controller but still having the same problem

thank you

p.s. every think is up to date


  • munchie63
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    post it in the PC community page pal
  • BombSquadPuppy
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    Youll catch a lot of flack with the elitist for having an i5 with an rx 480, however thats still more than enough to smoothly run most games on pc considering your ram... the issues are with the game itself though, nothings wrong with your end
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