Prime Ronaldinho worth it?

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Threw an icon into his sbc for the 100k pack. Have 350- 400k coins plus untradeables of similar value. Commit everything I have to this and let him be the last big player I acquire (and hope for good pack luck) or are there better options out there I can buy with the coins I have left?


  • Grown93
    4397 posts National Call-Up
    If you play for fun, do it. If not, have better options.
  • gorillabear
    1055 posts Professional
    Yeah just for fun. I know some cards don’t live up to the hype so figured I’d ask. Prob either try to complete this or buy Ballack and stick w the attacking players I have
  • Rendevous_star
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    Get him. He’s great.

    No need to buy ballack at this stage of the game
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