Fifa is so Broken

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Wtf is going on with the passing and AI in fifa19? Passes go wherever and often in different direction to where you target. AI movement is like non existant... defenders run away as ball comes to them, no movement towards passed balls and positioning is something totally random. Whats the point of formations if AI just does whatever it wants.
The kickoff glitch is just so epic. Pace means nothing. Matchmaking is just [Removed].
Im not writing this as someone who loses and rages. I win most games just needs to be said. Best thing would be to remove anykind of automated passing and make it totally manual.
Not to mention the quit glitch in rivals... players quit mid game and are awarded the win... wtf is that [Removed]

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  • It's a broken game, nothing else.
  • Gunin
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    This game is a Piece OF [Removed]

    Leave it out with the swearing ~Rtas
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  • leon1309
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    The gameplay is (for me) worse then it ever was...its so bad i wont even do objectives and decided to put fifas season to rest.

    If their motive (bejond last changes) was to get me to buy FIFA 20, buy f. up the gameplay even more...i do not think it is working for them.
  • Rossi1000
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    Probably worst fifa ever made yet we have the most up to date technology developing it
  • Pads89
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    That latest patch has made the game unplayable for me
  • Rossi1000
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    It’s in a bad way has been for so long

    So many patches yet the gameplay just gets worse
  • Argentus
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    Pads89 wrote: »
    That latest patch has made the game unplayable for me

  • TheMightyBee
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    There is no point playing it, none of your inputs are read properly and the AI takes over to the point it changes how you players behave and moves them in different directions, PES here I come.
  • Anotty
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    This game is abosulote crap I have just been awarded a penalty against me even though the replay clearly showed I got the ball first and the amount of times people have clearly got away with being offside same and gone on an scored is a joke and as for ea clearly being baised against juve baraca and psg its happening even as I play suarez was clearly offside game totally ignored it the ball goes straight through me this game is incompetent as **** and even as im playing I give a way a foul for breathing on messi same with juve and Ronaldo u have have only got to breath on that bloke and you give away a foul WHAT A JOKE
  • Rossi1000
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    Yesterday my cb passed the ball out the box passed completed the opponent striker ran into my cb

    Penalty against my cb 🤣 I mean wtaf!
  • Worst FIFA ever. I've never seen a bigger b.. l s.. t.
  • Nothing is working properly and the lag, omg the lag is killing me. In Romania the game is not playable at least in my area. Hundreds of hours spent for nothing, just hoping to have better gameplay from patch to patch.
  • By far the worst fifa ever. The passing is horrible when the ball is in the air and you have a closer player to the ball you cant switch to him because another idiot player is already chasing after it even if he is in the stands don't get me started on the broken first time shooting you mean to tell me that F#$&ing Ronaldo cant score a finesse shot from inside the box but he can first time shoot from close to the half field mark and score. Get the f out of here. My lob pass is set to manual I bearly hit the lob button and the ball lands in front of the goalie. Not to mention this game has more patches than a boat full of pirates and that made it worst with every patch..
  • MalD93
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    But all of you will still buy FIFA20 and still complain.
  • Cooler08
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    The poll results so far show that 59% of people have pre-ordered FIFA 20. So at least 41% are either still considering it or not buying it.

    I won't pre-order FIFA 20. I didn't buy FIFA 18. I mainly bought FIFA 19 because it was the first FIFA ever to have the Champions League. EA managed to make FIFA 19 even worse than FIFA 17. The gameplay has regressed in 2 years of game development. I wouldn't consider FIFA 20 unless there is at least 1-2 months of good feedback about the gameplay.
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