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Post any ideas and comments below to what else we would like to see

I would love to see EA update the audio settings, I currently play with Astro A40s w/ Pro Mixamp, and with that comes a lot of distraction in the audio it seems like, however they do feature 'Stadium Ambiance' which is an audio setting that basically works as a master volume. I don't like the all in one setting in this instance and I can't remember back to any FIFA Title that you could control every audio feature separately, you can lower the commentary and stadium music but Ambiance controls not only the crowd, but the ball reactions, and player sounds. I would like to be able to only hear the ball and maybe the players, I've never experienced FIFA in this way, but I would gather it develops focus a lot better than with the distraction of the crowd, and other sounds. More Preferences can come from this as well. Just an idea for FIFA 20 I really would like to see implemented as it changes it the game pretty substantially imo.


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