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Will bronzes and silvers be usable this year?

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Not really read much into the pre release info but heard something about casual modes with no contract and fitness loss.

Will there be a practical way of playing with bronze and silver teams this year? ie can you play bronze v bronze or will you just get matched up against a god squad like awful last 3 years.


  • Shaanxz
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    The days of bronzes and silvers being good are finished I’m afraid.

    No news on separate game mode for them. Maybe in the new fut friéndoles they can be used
  • QuidoFrontiere
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  • Gromit
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    Typical EA.

    Why bother with gimmicky crap like "max chemistry" or "Mystery ball" in the FUT friendlies.

    Just give us some simple matchmaking options to use the players that are in the game. Dead simple

    Bronzes allowed yes / no
    Silvers allowed yes / no
    Gold allowed yes / no
    Specials allowed yes / no

    Then we can have PROPER online friendlies building all kinds of teams from the database.

    The sole reason I stopped buying this game after 17 is because it just became a generic farce that excludes 90% of the database that it includes in the game and creates an elitist platform that encourages just using nothing but the top rated cards.
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