Increase Pack Odds

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edited August 2019
Not saying to the current crazy levels, but at least improve the odds of packing an 86+ rated player to around 7% in premium gold packs.

I think it was like 1.8% before the current carnage, making it ridiculous tbh.

In other words give something back to the community. All this end game generosity
is crap when the game is almost dead.


  • Stedyon
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    If they increased packs odds everyone would have an end game team and would be a mess like it is now
  • Grezzerk
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    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the packs odds throughout fifa. The only pack odds I think they should improve on is for icons. There was that many average icons in Fifa 19 yet you never seen them as they was never being packed. Even then I wouldn’t improve them by that much.
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