Do I do Goretzka or keep my current midfield?

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Switching to 4-1-2-1-2 (2) in game.

As you can see, I already did Alaba (for pack admittedly), but haven't use him. My favorite player at the moment is Tots da Costa, and I prefer him much more to TAA. Thus to accommodate him I bought Havertz as a ST with R9.

If Goretzka is worth it though, I might sell HAVERTZ, put Gullit at ST/CAM, with Neymar at ST/CAM.

What do you guys think? I only have 80k left so I'm hoping that the 1st section can help the second section.. Hahaha


  • Cameron-NCAFC
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    Much better off staying as you are I reckon!
  • torakun
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    Much better off staying as you are I reckon!

    Problem is to accomodate Da Costa it forced me to get TOTS GERMAN player. Goretzka means I get to sell Havertz and having 800k on the bank is very comforting in case I want to do more SBC, LOL.

    Maybe the question should be... "is it worth it SELLING TOTS Havertz and just do Goretzka for chem purposes"

    Like or don't like, regret or not, pogba is a dilemma for me. Wish I hadn't jumped so fast on that. I didn't know that I'd love Da Costa as much.. hehehe
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