Got my div 4 end game team ...what would you do next?

This is my team .. these players are all untradeable and to be honest they all work really well together and i enjoy using them..::


Now i also have 2.4 million coins...:

What should i do with the coins?

In the last 24 hrs my options to obtain elite players has suddenly been presented...

I can get toty Mbappe or even do fat ronaldo sbc and that would be me skint...

Or do i go gullit / dinho sbcs with some coins left..:

Or.. do i go nuts and buy tots versions of reus and havertz and / or suarez and antoine ... 96 neymar ...or prem with tots mane..vvd...sterling...aguero ...

What would you do?

I should also be able to get the icon sbc with fut switch token to reduce any icon sbc price.



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