Tots benzema yedder or lacazette?

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Who is best?can yedder finesse?


  • mindm4ster
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    yedder no doubt

    sick stats + 5 WF
  • AlbinoXI
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    Murphdogz wrote: »
    Who is best?can yedder finesse?

    Do bears poo in the woods ?
  • I'm thinking of picking up Benzema so I'm interested too
  • Murphdogz
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    Im interested in both but not sure who
  • Jpo41
    1825 posts Play-Off Hero strong link to Hazard
  • RoosterBlue
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    I tried Benzema recently, he was ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  • bberger
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    Everytime I come up against Lacazette I smile. That guy puts it wide almost every single time.. think I haven't conceded to him yet - and there were games where he had an open net to pass it into..
  • RealAbed
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    Have Benzema untradable but bought ben yedder and uses him, he is way better
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  • leon1309
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    I use Benz next to Suarez and he is good, not Suarez good, but good.
  • RealAbed wrote: »
    Have Benzema unreadable but bought ben yedder and uses him, he is way better

    Maybe its because he's unreadable
  • Kaptentegel
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    The force is strongest with ben yoda.
  • joehuk
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    I bought yedder yday for 150k by far best 150k (PC) I've spent all year haha such a fun card.

    He has everything.
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    I love Benzema. But he is best as wide or central cam.
  • Carter90
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    I'm currently using benzema and he feels good. I did use Ben yedder for a while before that and he just feels so much better so considering switching back. Would also like to know how people rate laca as he would be perfect to link my prem/la liga
  • rarinwhisper
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    i bought them yestorday for my second squad
    my first one has eusebio and richadlson in it,

    after 5 games in wl i can say benzema have 7 goals and ben yedder 0
    benzema is much stronger and better shooter

    after reading this post i would say buy both of them and see for yourself
  • Khodkevich
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    Tried Benzema and Ben Yedder.
    Ben Yedder is much better in everything. Benzema is too heavy for me
  • JWNYsg
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    Just from price i think we can deduce Yedder is better
  • maccag
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    Ben Yedder transformed my WL after picking him up for 129k.. best coins I've spent in a while but saying that the occasions I've played against Benzema his destroyed me notably fromcm/cdm!! 😁😁
  • makkan00
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    Interesting question. I have used all three cards and my view:
    Benzema is donkey!
    BY and Laca TOTY, nothing special in these cards when compared to tots CR7 / Ney / Mba.

    I have these cards and used laca and BY for weekly objective of scoring with french players.
    They are merely average cards and perhaps BY is slightly better due to WF and decent work rates.

    PS: Normally, would like to keep CR7, Neymar, or Kane as striker.
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