whats the new lag cheat?

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Im certain there is a new exploit/glitch. now almost every game my opponent pauses the game till timer runs out and my team becomes unresponsive. stuck in mud, 1 second delay...
while before the pause everything was working great!


  • Wi1son73
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    Hahah mystery ball 😂😂
  • BombSquadPuppy
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    Their pause made you lose packets, so the delay is a response to their coding trying to play catch up 🤔

    I find pausing the game yourself and letting the timer run down brings it back to how it was before 🤷‍♂️
  • Admg1
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    I had this twice earlier in a couple of rivals matches. Gameplay was perfectly fine before they paused and let the timer run down.
    I'll make sure I pause myself next time if it helps
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