Futties Alaba SBC out now!



  • Al_HFX
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    I only see his blue boots in the midfield, what a card... ! :D
  • shepj6
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    Now got a new tactic, just give the ball to Alaba and let him hit it, his finishing is unreal from outside the box.
  • BeardGang
    1282 posts Professional
    Just done his sbc and got tots Gomez and verratti from the rare mega pack 😂
  • DannySTFC
    1278 posts Professional
    I did vote for him as I have Goretzka, da Costa and icons to link.

    Did the SBC last night + Ribery and came out very strong from the packs, actually have more coins now then when I started, did submit a few high rated cards I don’t use into it though, overall very happy with the two SBC additions.
  • leon1309
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    edited August 3
    Did both for cca 50k after packs (and i did not even get a walkout from then, but i id get a lot of 84 - and a lot of them are going for crazy prices right now, some are insta bins at max :) )...so all in all it worked out, but my pack luck really **** otherwise.

    Nah forgot i used Iličič and Musa in sbcs, so it was a bit more expensive, but still in the lines of acceptable.
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  • Kiido
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    Scored in the 2nd minute on his debut, lol. I had to do him because I also have Goretzka and like Bundesliga TOTS in general
  • JohnDoe
    11300 posts Has That Special Something
    He's been great for me, finally someone to rival Goretzka in the B2B department. Bayern probably have the best 3-man midfield in FUT with TOTS Goretzka, Swap Sanches and Futties Alaba.
  • CeeQue
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    Just need that Renato Capture-2019-08-03-09-20-42.png
  • Waldog94
    1605 posts Play-Off Hero
    Did him with untradeables he is a wuality card also packed 96 benzema from the 50k pack the long pause i was sure it was mbappe
  • Agalopez65
    77 posts Park Captain
    edited August 6
    Did Goretzka just to try him out, ended up packing 98 TOTS Hazard from 50k pack!

    So now im thinking of maybe building a squad with these 2, how good is alaba?
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