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How bad is Rivals just now?

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I know I’ve complained before about disgusting gameplay, button delay. Sluggish play!
But this is just mental, commands not registering, then when they do it’s a delayed reaction! It’s feels like 3 seconds delay...
strange animations..
Just seems to be getting worse than better!

Anyone experiencing over the top horrible delayed gameplay.. I mean way worse than the normal gameplay that we all kinda put up with and played round it.?


  • tworaf
    409 posts An Exciting Prospect
    not only rivals, Wl is the same
  • silverdale10
    1519 posts Play-Off Hero
    Perhaps they're testing "Mystery Ball" again. You've got to hand it to them for testing it so thoroughly for so long, it must be three years now, to be ready for launch of this mode in FIFA20. Let's hope they remember to take it out of the regular game.
  • King_Cantona77
    1330 posts Professional
    Not as bad as Weekend League. The nonsense I've experienced so far in it is unreal. Don't think I'll bother with it this weekend and take my Bronze 1 😂
  • Wi1son73
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    I’m so glad that I didn’t have enough points to play the WL..
    It’s totally changed my whole mood since I got back from work. I’m not raging at my opponent, I’m raging at my own players, they’re doing all sorts of stupid things..
    The delay is just ridiculous right now and it’d been like this since they implemented this response patch then took it out
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