Tots ibra review!!

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Was sceptical about getting I had flash back ibra aswell.
Alot of people say their is no difference really.
I thought I'd bite the bullet and go for him.and keep my flash back incase I thought the same.
Their is a huge difference between the 2.
Flash back ibra was really slow and never won any headers and lost the ball in attack alot and never really made any runs.

Tots ibra makes runs all game he is heading for fun.out jumping pim blank tots vvd I'm in div 1 and only played 4 games so far with him so it's a early review but considering I had both thought I would share my opinion.

I've played 4 games in div 1 with 4 sheep's sitting back 1 depth 4231.
He scored 14 goals in 4 games played.

My eusebio was my main scorer but since the introduction of tots ibra he is scoring everything.

Only played 20 games with my last ibra he had 12 goals 4 assist.none winning a header.

Try him you won't regret striker in the game imo

And his stamina is no issue atal unless your a constant pressure player!
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