Do Yourself a favour

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Destroy your FIFA 19 disc ( I just did lol)
Buy PES 2020
If it's not cutting it buy only FIFA 20 second hand, don't line EA's pockets by buying new, it's only gonna be more of the same !

No more FIFA 19, hallelujah, free at last !!!!


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    I understand your feelings.

    I just figure out that there are so many way to cheat in the game that I think I will stop playing too: I can't win a game in div 7 anymore.

    When I am winning, the game freezes towards the end of the match. It happened now a dozens of time.

    In div 6 I usually win and lose but when I lose is usually fair.
    In div 7, in the last weeks, my opponent sprint full power with totally normal players for the entire match, no stop. Nothing I can do. Stats modification?

    The thing that make me thinking about stats modification is that usually those players do not dribble well and rush immediately to the opponents. It is theoretically easy to approach them but their players are so powerful that if you are not very skilled like me you lose the ball. I can stand it for a while but for the entire match is honestly impossible.

    I will stop playing online. Offline there are just the in-game glitch. Annoying but at least the game is clean there.

    If anyone observed strange pattern of events, please write them so we can all understand if there is a real thing going on here or is just my imagination 😉

  • those people are most likely just using pressure on heavy touch/ pressure on possession loss
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