Are EA Going To Give Us More Editing Tools For FIFA 20?

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With the whole Juventus fiasco will EA give us some more editing options so us the players can change club names. Even if every real club is locked so we can only edit non official teams and kits that would work.

Any news?


  • MOES98
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    No, they wont.
  • ale1985bg
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    The community usually does, though.

    It's true that since FIFA 17 editing took a huge hit (thank you, Frostbite) but I still remember what we were able to do with FIFA 16.

    Shorts and socks changing automagically to avoid clashes, keepers sporting different kits that wouldn't clash with the outfield players, custom sleeve patches and numbers/fonts for European matches or for promotion/relegation...
    And lots of stadiums, each player with his own boots (we won't forget how EA used to break boot assignment with every game update back then)... Unlimited stadiums, tournament graphics/balls/stadium dressing changing according to the competition...

    Good times.
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