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  • Boysie91
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    Anyone know how to get rid of a red card in my club mode? I have had a red card for 3 games now and can't get rid off it 🤔
  • Shshj
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    arsenalap wrote: »
    What's the pes career mode about? any good?

    It's good, Konami made some massive improvements to it this year.

    There's still some minor issues which have plagued the mode for ages (AI dropping their best players for no reason, still no options to interact with players). It's far superior to career mode though.
  • Shshj
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    edited September 12
    Shaanxz wrote: »
    People already have stupidly stacked teams in a day. Kills myclub again within a month again

    I honestly think it's dead already. The only thing MyClub does better than FUT is the initial grind through the ranks, but Konami has once again gone too far with the rewards. People have already bypassed that grind within a matter of hours.

    The new featured players agent is horrific. It's far too easy to earn a 94 Kane, 93 Eriksen or 91 Bernardo Silva.
  • Jboom98
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    As someone who's going to play PES first then FIFA is Master league ( career mode) better than the tired looking career mode in FIFA ? because a lot of FIFA YouTubers this year have switched to PES Master league.
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