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Offside rule in fifa

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Can someone explain to me how it actually works in this game??

Attacker is running down the wing on a counter I only have 1 defender back so at the line of the box I drag me defender back he makes a pass to a striker who is now beyond my defender and is this not offside?
Ball was played behind my defence.

Now I've made the same sort of passes and they get called offside.

This happened in a game where I went 2.0 up in 8 mins then after 8 mins teams turns to muck.
I get in the box make a pass to ronaldinho 3 times in this one game and all he had to do was run forward a few inches and easy goal but he stands their and and doesn't move but press shoot he does it.

Anyway obviously as anyone knows 2.0 up early means you will lose.
So I don't give up and I attack for fun opening many many chances for it to hit cross bar.then post.
Get snapped in half in the box no penalty know them games?

Anyway so it comes down to the last attack of the 90 I find myself in the exact same situation my opponent had he had 1 defender I was sprinting down the wing.he pulls back his defender my winger plays the pass and it's offside!!

What is this game?
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