Looking to Build a Team capable of going unbeaten (PS4)

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I have played in teams that have not lived up to expectations, have not practiced what they preach.

I am now currently looking for a couple decent solid players who know the game are not idiots and in it for solo gain. This team is not about your match rating this team is about getting the Ws. If you feel like we can create a team and reach 100 wins with no losses then let’s go from here.

Console: (PS4)
Club name: TBC
Size of Club: minimum 3 maximum 5
Position(s) Wanted: I play ST so all positions are available
Region: Uk
Trial needed?: Every game is a trial
Club style: Not in any leagues but competitive as hell, we don’t want to lose
Additional Info: I am from Scotland, open to anyone who has what it takes and can communicate via mic.

Reply on this or add me on PSN to get things started am keen to play ASAP.

PSN: dazLOVESchez

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