Just stop it.. This game ain't dead!

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Crazy how many new casual players I get matchup against untill gold 3.. NIF Squads with max 2 futties or REDS


  • freakjas
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    Interesting. In the past 3 weeks i‘ve faced one squad without any icons lmao
  • Invincibility
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    edited July 27
    Made another mill by selling FFS and headliner cards.. which mostly only bought by casuals and new players to the game.. EA keeps things alive this summer it's crazy
  • Wi1son73
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    Could be old players fed up with their icons/tots/IF’s not preforming, or bored with the 90+ rated teams.

    I always struggle with NIF gold teams, they seem to get boost all over the field. 80+ GK’s saving everything!

    Whiles from kick off I can tell straight away my team feels hampered..! Really struggling to pass etc..
    Though it could be in my head though and because I see non-rare NIF gold team I seem to notice it more...

    I’m tempted to open a second account and play with a cheap team..
  • Invincibility
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    Strangest thing of all it's on deadbox :s
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